For me it’s difficult to be creative.  My sister was the one born with those type of genes.  I think the only way I can be creative is by being inspired and it’s easy to be inspired by anything.  Here are a few tips on things that may spark a creative idea/thought or just inspire you!



Ah, the joy of relaxing and checking in all of your social media sites to see what others are posting.  Ever think of looking on those sites for inspiration?  Millions of people have a Pinterest or Tumblr and are posting or re-blogging pictures/blog posts/quotes every day.  These sites are great to connect with others that have similar interests as you.  Wanting to decorate a room in your house but are stuck on what theme you should do?  Easy!  Go to Pinterest and look at house decor.  You will find millions of pins on different types of decor and I promise you will instantly be inspired.  I mainly go on Tumblr to find pictures that have been taken around the world.  I love looking at pictures of Europe and Mexico specifically.  It inspires me to travel as often as I can.

Going Out:

I try to go out on the weekends as much as I can.  I love going to different towns and going somewhere new.  I am instantly inspired when I see or try new things.  Even going to school inspires me because I know I’m able to learn things I wouldn’t be able to without being educated.  Just being with people can give you inspiration as well.  Listening to their opinion on things or what they have experienced may easily inspire you.

Magazines//New Articles:

My absolute favorite magazine is Cosmopolitan.  This magazine has everything from fashion and beauty to really interesting articles about today’s issues on things going on around the world.  In each issue, they have a page on different people who work at Cosmo.  There’s a picture of them, a little less than a paragraph on how they got their start/how they began working at Cosmo and what they do for Cosmo. This gives me a little reassurance that no matter where you began, you can work your hardest and get wherever you want to.  Any magazine can easily give you inspiration because of the pictures inside and the wonderfully-written articles.

Your Camera

Your camera holds some of your most precious memories, so why not take your camera everywhere and capture as many moments/memories as you can?  Your snapshots may inspire you in the future when you look back at them.


Reminder: Inspiration is everywhere, just take time out of your day to look around you and you will be inspired.


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